Barb's Tractor Pulling Photos -
 : Hey Barb, I'm just pulling the sled down to the other end to get a block.  : Ok Barb, pulling for real.  : Go Kristin!!!
 : I think they have it under control Norm. : One more push! : 1st & 2nd WOW
 : Can I pull?  Maybe in 10 years.  : Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Myers, oops I mean Tim & Kristin.
 : Vin tried to help, but still didn't move the sled. : It worked with Seann's help.
 : A little to the LEFT Chris.
 : Nice picture Chris, and we can see your face.  : JON!!!!! You went so high, I cut off the duck.  Any wheelie bars on that tractor?
 : Nice picture Ray.
 : Seann, sooo serious
 : Nice tyler, your Dad doesn't go that high.  : Bob, you have to move that steering wheel.
 : About time you got the front end off the ground, hey wait, is that 6500# class? What are your doing there?
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